Truth, Morality, Natural Law & Freedom

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Some red-pill video links to get you, and others, started on the path to Truth and Freedom.

ZEITGEIST: In my opinion, this a great film to get a general outline of how deep seeded the corruption and lies of society actually are. Nothing is what it seems.

JORDAN MAXWELL: all of Jordan’s work is indispensable and worth looking into if you want to achieve a deep understanding of how symbolism, law and politics actually work. Be sure to check out his website:

MARK PASSIO’S NATURAL LAW SEMINAR: Don’t have 8 hours to invest in freedom? You will most likely never experience it then. In this presentation Mark Passio lays out all of the problems and solutions for Humanity. The question is “do we have the guts to take action?”

IN SHADOW: An amazing animated short that accurately portrays the current state of Humanity in under 13 minutes.

MARK PASSIO’S DURESS, DISSIDENCE & DEADLY FORCE: In this lecture, De-Occultist Mark Passio discusses Truth, Morality, Natural Law and where that leaves us regarding our sacred Right to Self Defence in Humanity’s current condition.

BRUCE LIPTON’S BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: In this amazing presentation Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton explains how DNA actually functions and how we are capable taking control of our own epigenetic development.

POWERS OF TEN: Powers of ten is a journey first to the external, then to the internal universes. In nine minutes this short film establishes both our significance and insignificance in relation to the energetic universe that we are a part of. As above, so below.

SETHIKUS BOZA | BLACK EARTH PRODUCTIONS: Sethikus Boza has released tons of free video information and also offers full-scale initiations into the occult. Many have yet to discover the fact that we are battling black magicians.

MAX IGAN | THE CROW HOUSE: Max Igan has an amazing ability to communicate important information in a palatable fashion. It’s always great to hear things from his open perspective and Max has an amazing ability to get you thinking. Check him out at

DAN DICKS | PRESS FOR TRUTH: Dan is a Free-Journalist based out of Canada. Covering both Canadian and global issues from a neutral, Human Rights oriented perspective Dan fights hard to push for Truth… Isn’t that what all journalists are supposed to be doing? Check him out at

MICHAEL TSARION: Author, Orator, Producer, Astrologist & De-Occultist Michael Tsarion is an expert in too many fields to list. One of the key influencing factors on guiding me to understanding the Truth of reality we exist in. Check out his work at

DAVID ICKE: This is one Man who is not afraid to go as far as the Truth takes him. David has been around for many years and is not afraid to bet his reputation presenting information as he has discovered it. You can see more at

GRAHAM HANCOCK: Graham is an Independent Journalist, Author and Alternative History and Entheogen Researcher. From ancient Egypt to DMT, Graham covers some very interesting topics that will blow your world-view out of the water.

JOHN ANTHONY WEST: John is an Independent Egyptologist, Author of the groundbreaking book ‘Serpent In The Sky’ and a video series titled ‘Magical Egypt’. A proponent of the spiritualist perspective of Egyptian culture, he brushes the dust off of a highly advanced culture that in many ways exceeded our current society. Check out

VINNY EASTWOOD | THE VINNY EASTWOOD SHOW: If we’re all going to die, we may as well laugh about it! But seriously, Vinny is hilarious. A comedic take on alternative journalism, The Vinny Eastwood show is always informative and if not – at least you’ll get a laugh!

STEFAN VERSTAPPEN | DEFENCE AGAINST THE PSYCHOPATH: Martial Arts & Self Defence Master Stefan Verstappen is studied in the traditional schools of The Ancient Arts. Author, Artist, Musician and all around bad-ass, Stefan lays some important ground work for survival in today’s psychotic condition. Check out his work at

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