Several True Activists are calling for unity within the “Truth & Freedom” community. Regardless of which undisclosed topic we attempt to expose from whichever angle that has been presented to us, we are still left facing the fact that unless you were there or know somebody trustworthy who was, you most likely never know the Truth.

From false flags to UFO’s to the shape of the Earth, Humanity has been divided on every issue and IS conquered.


…our only option is to put aside the lies and focus on prevailing Truths.

Amidst all this bullshit our only option is to put aside the lies and focus on prevailing Truths. Truth does exist. There is Real Knowledge that we can confirm through application and testing of said knowledge using the scientific methodology.

The Alchemical Philosophy is nothing other than this exact process. Beginning with base elements, transmuting them to higher more desirable states suitable to the purpose at hand. No different in principle from the process of taking a weak, useless, pitiful body and transmuting it into a vehicle suitable for the consciousness of a god.

…energy needs to be focused collectively as a species.

This where our energy needs to be focused collectively as a species: Towards individual self-improvement, reaching levels that will allow us to achieve Freedom and Abundance for Humanity!

Recognizing the corruption external from ourselves has allowed us too long to point the finger outwards. Keep that finger pointed where it is, now place a mirror in front of yourself.

The Great Work

I have done this and am still doing this. I am responsible for my survival and safety, my security and FREEDOM. Join me in taking full accountability for our portion of this shared reality! Let’s build a community of Free Humans that will encompass the Earth!

Hit me up if you have the Courage and Will to do the Great Work upon yourself. Whether just beginning or well on the path, I am always looking to expand my network.

Check out the Cognitive Concurrence Video Show as well as my Video Links page for tons of great referrals to additional information sources. I have recently added Cognitive Conversations to my work, which is focused on conversations with people I greatly respect.

Let’s get and stay Free!

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