The only thing more profound than the symbolism intentionally embedded in the Cognitive Concurrence website is the synchromystic symbolism placed there by the Universe itself. Before we jump into this, I have to give a shout out to Jordan Maxwell. The amount of research this guy has gone through to be able to present the information he does, as coherently as he does, is staggering. He has literally been studying the occult for 60 years. Thank you Jordan, you have been a mentor to many you have never met! Mark Passio delves deep into occult symbolism as well. His work is indispensable. Thanks Mark!

The Intentional

Let’s start with the obvious. The specific words I have chosen to name the platform, along with a specific definition, are very significant. Cognitive Concurrence is the opposite of cognitive dissonance.

cognitive concurrence


1: of, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering)

2: based on or capable of being reduced to empirical factual knowledge


: agreement or union in action: cooperation

Without delving too deep into this (I’ll do a video soon); we need to be cognitive and logical. decisive and realistic. consciously working towards a state of concurrence, or cooperation. We need concurrence within ourselves. Concurrence with Natural Law and with our environment. We need cooperation between our brain hemispheres and among the members of our communities. Especially within the “truth & freedom” community. concurrence is definitely missing within this movement.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Secondly, the colors I have chosen for the website are very significant. Black and white symbolizes the checker or chess board. Base-level consciousness, not knowing right from wrong, the level of a pawn. The background the darkness. The writing, in white, a source of light leading one out of the darkness, assisting in raising one off the board. Once a game piece, becoming a player.

Jolly Roger – No Conscience

Third is the Cognitive Concurrence logo. Many recognize the Jolly Roger. Flown by pirates and assimilated by the famous fraternity Scull and Bones. The scull symbolizing thought, or logic/reason. The bones symbolizing action. You will notice that love, care or conscience is left out of this symbol. Symbols and logos are nothing but tools. Some have attempted to utilize these images for nefarious purposes. Fuck that. I’m taking it back, adding the Heart back in where it belongs and using these symbols for GOOD!

The Cognitive Concurrence Logo symbolizes thought and action based in logic, consciousness, conscience and love. Application of this inevitably results in alignment with Natural Law Principles and Freedom.

Some Unintentional

The following symbolism was totally unintentional and purely synchromystic, making it all the more profound.

The initials of Cognitive Concurrence are C.C. or 33 in numerology. The human body has 33 vertebrae. 3 + 3 = 6, symbolizing balance and unification of the masculine and feminine. Cognitive = 5 symbolizing the right-side up pentagram. Concurrence = 2, symbolizing the unification of masculine and feminine and the balance of the left and right. 5 + 2 = 7…

That’s all I will be getting into here. Stay posted for the video on this. it’s sure to be revealing.

Be sure to check out the Video Show page for episodes of Cognitive Concurrence, the Cognitive Conversations page for guest perspectives and my Video Links page for links to videos from some researchers promoting Truth and Freedom for Humanity.

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