Being an entrepreneur, studying success principles was a corner stone of my continuous self-education for many years. Having the Will to apply the teachings of people such as Napoleon Hill or Brian Tracy can have amazing, almost magical effects… but what is magic… for that matter, what is success?

The Magician, Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Over the years of self healing; undoing social conditioning and recovering from past traumas, my definition of has success have evolved. With it, the focus of my studies has been magnetically drawn to the Occult, which simply means hidden.


It was while studying this hidden knowledge that I came to the sudden realization I had been practising and applying occult principles through most of my adult life. Whether consciously or unconsciously, if you’ve ever been successful at anything, you’ve been practising Magick.

Let’s get rid of the fantastic, Disney version of magic we’ve been sold and take a look at what true Magick really is. Magick, as with many other occult philosophies, can be simply defined as; the recognition, understanding and application of the laws and principles of our universe to achieve a specific goal.

Magick: The recognition, understanding and application of the laws and principles of our universe to achieve a specific goal.

Jay Anarchon

Sorry everyone, there’s not much more to it than that. It’s learning to master yourself that is the real challenge.


When people think of success they think of money. What many fail to realize is that money itself has no intrinsic value and is essentially a large scale delusion. What we really want is what we feel money can provide for us. After all, locking yourself into a vault with piles of money and gold or simply staring at a screen with your digital balance displayed is hardly gratifying.

Every individual would need to evaluate true success for themselves. If success to you is having time to raise your children and never needing money, you may be very surprised to find that building a multi-million dollar corporation could prevent you from ever achieving this goal. People see the businesses that rich and famous people own and they think; “…if I could just build something like that for myself…” Not all is as it seems.

There is a reason it’s called a business. Sound it out: BUSY-NESS. Your business will keep you busy until the day you die. While you may build a sizable nest-egg for the Canadian government to tax before your heirs can touch it, does working twice as hard as someone at a 9 to 5 until the day you die sound like success? They day you turn 100% of the management of a business over to others is the day your “busy-ness” becomes an asset.

Left Hand Path

White Magick vs. Black Magic, Success vs. Failure

Dark magic and psychopathic tendencies dominate the corporate aspect of every single industry. We can see where this has gotten us as a species. In practising the left-hand path, you will do anything it takes to get to the top. Building a crumbling empire – doomed from the start.

Alignment with Natural Law and True Morality is the only way to ensure lasting success for all of Humanity. Check out episodes 1 & 2 of Cognitive Concurrence. I delve deeper into Morality and Natural Law in these slide presentations.

If you’ve been studying success principles and wonder why they only half work, or possibly your life has gone to shit, studying the Occult and aligning with Natural Law & Morality can flip things around for you. If you align your Will with your True Desire, you will achieve your goals. Whether you like it or not.

Be sure to check out the Video Show as well as my Video Links page which features tons of links to other researchers and teachers I greatly respect. Let’s get and stay Free!

Sethikus Boza and Mark Passio both present relevant information regarding this topic as well.

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