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Trailer: Welcome to Cognitive Concurrence. Where we will separate Truth from lies, develop Understanding based in Knowledge and take Right Action in accordance with Natural Law. Are you ready for Freedom? I sure am!

Cognitive Concurrence, Episode 1 – The Difference Between Right & Wrong?: In this first episode we discuss Morality, Human Rights, slavery & communism in Canada. We also discuss why Freedom is currently on the decline.

Cognitive Concurrence, Episode 2 – Morality & Natural Law: Learn It, Know It, DO It!: In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence we discuss Natural Law Principles and how they pertain to Morality and our current reality. We also take a look at polar dialectics, brain imbalance and begin to take a look at how we can heal ourselves, which is the first step towards Freedom.

Cognitive Concurrence, Episode 3 – Self Defence & Natural Law: In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence we discuss Self Defence, police and military and how these relate to Natural Law and Morality. We also discuss our education system’s shortfalls as well as The Trivium Methodology of learning. The ultimate goal is Freedom and Abundance for all.

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 4 – Health Nutrition & Psychology: In this episode of Cognitive Concurrence Jay Anarchon will discuss nutrition, plant-based diets, clean water, the basics of eating healthy and much more. We give a brief introduction to the Ayurvedic Diet and relate physical health to physical Freedom.

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 5 – Health, Nutrition & Psychology: Are you ready for Freedom? I sure am! In this episode we continue with the topics of Health & Nutrition. Discussing plant-based diet, super foods, physical exercise and how these relate to Freedom.

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 6 – Unity, Self-Improvement, Freedom, Initiation: In this episode we will discuss the lack of progress within the “freedom movement”, which has become stagnant and achieved very little. We express the importance of Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health in relation to Freedom, Healing and manifesting within this reality field. Studying yourself through The Dark Mirror is MANDATORY for true self-realization. Join me as one of those with the WILL to manifest True Freedom, Abundance & Power for Humanity. This episode will set the foundation for my work moving forward. Allow us to Invoke our Courage and conquer OURSELVES.

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 7 – Ways To Increase Your Freedom Today: In this episode Jay Anarchon will discuss the importance of community, as well as several ways to increase Freedom for you and your family today! It’s most likely we’ve all heard many of these before… the question is; will you have the courage to take action? In a sick, enslaved society It takes a Warrior to be Healthy & Free!

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 8 – The Practical Application of the Trivium: In this episode we take a look at how to gather, process and apply information, utilizing the Trivium methodology. It doesn’t stop at rhetoric, although you can get a degree in this. The final stage of the Trivium is all forms of ACTION. Research the Trivium.

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