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There are many ways to contribute to The Great Work. Cognitive Concurrence is volunteer and donation fuelled – In other words, I work for free and donate my time and money.

I am learning many new skill-sets at the moment, from website development to video production and editing. There’s only so much 1 man can do! If you have skills or expertise to offer, I am happy to accept any and all of the following contributions to;

  • Graphic Design Skills: It would be great to clean up the conceptual logo I have designed as well as develop a few more ideas.
  • Expert Interviews: I am always happy to host experts in fields relevant to Freedom on my Cognitive Conversations segment. Please contact me if you are interested in making an appearance.
  • Submit Writing: If you are a writer/blogger and have interesting, well-written articles conducive to Freedom, hit me up!
  • Share & Suggest: I have always been anti social-media. If you are someone who utilizes these platforms, please spread the word by sharing (while you still can). Feel free to share information on your website as well.
  • Subscribe: Click the subscribe button on the website and subscribe on Youtube and Bitchute.

Most importantly, you can contribute by applying positive changes in your own life!

There were a couple contributions from others to Cognitive Concurrence that were essential in getting this off the ground. Please except my deepest thanks, you know who you are!

If you value the effort and information presented here, feel free to support the Great Work in any way you see fit.


Jay Anarchon & Cognitive Concurrence

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