When considering the fact that hatred for the self is the very foundation through which effective mental manipulation may be applied, the psychology behind the current state of our society is apparent and aberrant. Although many would have you believe otherwise, through a lens of self-loathing is not the natural way to perceive the self. This all comes down to trauma-based mind control.

And of course, many will deny this trauma, this hatred of the self. But who can deny the self destructive behaviour we all enact on a day-to-day basis? Excessive smoking, drinking and eating, various “disorders” both psychological and physiological, narcotics and pharmaceutical abuse, right up to self-harm and suicide. 200 people killed by impaired driving in Canada… over 5000 Canadians will kill themselves this year.

But nah… we’re good.

As Within, So Without

This invoked hatred has no other option but to manifest into the physical realm, destroying our relationships and contributing to lack of success in all aspects of life.

Many have missed the implications this has regarding the parent/child relationship. It is impossible to refute that this detest will be imposed upon and reflected back by the child.

The result is a horrendous situation in which the parent, existing in a perpetual state of self-loathing and self-abuse, actually grows to hate the child – whom is nothing more than a direct reflection of the parent. The child, unable to respect themselves or their parents, is doomed to repeat this behavioural cycle.

All of this is evidenced by the parents who can’t wait for summer to be over so they may be rid of their children, passing them back to the patriarchal government to be reared into good little Statists.

Love & Healing

The only way to break this cycle and heal our children is to begin to heal ourselves. So the question arises: Why do I hate myself and how do I begin to love myself? The answer to this question is extensive and complex, yet concise and simple.

We hate ourselves because we’ve been taught to. Self-destructive behaviour, based in this learned self-hatred, only serves to add fuel to this all consuming fire within us.

The solution? Act in Love. Appreciate your Self, your Mind, your Body, your Spirit. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Consider your Self and actuate your desire for healing. Begin to research and explore healing modalities that appeal to you. TAKE ACTION.

  • Cleanse and heal your body
  • Cleanse and heal your mind
  • Cleanse and heal your Self

Let’s break this cycle here and now. We are worthy of Love! We deserve success! Freedom, Happiness and Abundance are our Birthright!

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