In a conversation I had with Max Igan (which I totally managed to drop the ball on recording) we discussed several ways you can actually make a difference in the world around you. This Real-World Activism is what is required if we want to see change. I will be the first to admit that I am not out there nearly enough. That has changed.


When hearing the term “activism” most people think of protesting, petitioning, rallying and the like. Some may even relate violence to the word. Activism is not any of these things in-and-of itself. Activism is simply being active. The reason activism is often seen as anti-government is that, for the government to have any power the people need to be inactive. The very ideology of statism is founded on relinquishing your responsibility to others whom you call “government”.

Am I An Activist?

Of course the less you handle for yourself, the less active you are. Not rocket science. If there were three tasks to complete within a day and you delegated two of them to someone else, who would be more active? Obviously the person who completed two tasks. This is what being an activist is – Actively participating in your own reality. If you eat healthy, you’re a Healthy Food Activist. If you oppose slavery, you are an Activist for Freedom. The key to this concept lies in the root of the word activist.

What makes you an activist is the willingness and propensity to act. Some of you may be activists and not even know it! On the flip side, many think they are activists when they are not. If staying fit makes you a Fitness Activist and homeschooling your children makes you an Education Activist, what sort of an activist is a person whose efforts are solely focused online? An Internet Activist.

Keyboard Commandos

Unfortunately much of the focus of the Warrior class of our tech-savvy generations has been hijacked. We have plenty of internet activism and not nearly enough real-world activism taking place. Let us ask ourselves; are we working to change the internet, or using the internet to change the manifested world? Are we looking to improve ourselves or our FakeBook profile?

Ironically, I am sitting here typing an article encouraging others to turn off their devices and get physically active. This is where we need to make a distinction: There is a difference between using tools at our disposal for our own benefit and having those same tools use us. On Max’s recommendation I have begun to extend a hand to others I may not have in the past. I have begun to look for ways to make more of a difference on the ground. Within days opportunities I would not have imagined have presented themselves.

Be Active

If we each became involved in the important aspects of our own lives: health, food, safety, family, education, community, spirituality, we could start to take our power back. We could actively begin to change things for the better in our and other people’s lives. Even by simply helping your neighbour. This is Real-World Activism. This is Freedom!

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