Many of you believe that police and morality go hand-in-hand. In coming to a true understanding of Morality and recognizing the limits of Human Rights, it becomes apparent that this is untrue.

For those of you who are not aligned with this Truth, or possibly even offended by it, more research is required. The first episode of Cognitive Concurrence is a great place to start. In this show we cover the definition of True Morality and relate it to government and police.

Human Rights are objective and exist inherently in Nature. Human Rights do not change based on geographical location, time in history, cultural preferences or religious beliefs. A Right is always a Right and a violation is always violence.

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 1


Most will admit that the atrocities committed during World War II by Nazi Germany were Human Rights violations. At that geographical location, during that time in history, the German society committed these acts “legally”. Almost all agree that these acts were immoral, or “wrong”. A few of these officers were reprimanded for their behaviour.

Now we are left with several important questions. Are these immoral acts to be excused because the police and military were “just following orders”? Is it Moral because they were “just doing their job”? According to the Nazi regime, these officers had a “right” to commit these acts. From whom was this right delegated? After Germany was “defeated” these acts were again deemed immoral. Are they immoral or not?

The Hard Truth About Police / Military

I think the answers to these questions are obvious to anyone who is not a psychopath. The problem is the failure of the average person to correlate these Truths with the reality we currently experience.

Of course the acts of the German police and military were immoral, inexcusable and were always Rights violations. At the present point in history, the consensus is that the officers did not have the rights they claimed. This proves two facts;

  1. A Human Rights violation does not become acceptable simply because that is the “law” at the time.
  2. Police and military are responsible for their actions, regardless of following orders or doing their job.

Then And Now

I know this is going to sound crazy – just hear me out. History has shown us that every single government on the face of the Earth has violated Human Rights. Many with genocidal consequences. The police and military are always the implementing body for unjust legislation and government corruption.

Would it be logical to assume that current governments are violating Human Rights? Would we be safe in assuming that police and military are currently committing acts of violence that they do not have a Right to commit? Of course not. If you look at history and the present, then come to logical conclusions you are a conspiracy theorist.

The much more realistic perspective is of course that every government throughout the history of Humanity has violated Human Rights except this one. The current governments would never harm us and the police are here to protect us.

Police And Military Are Sub-Human

The defining factors that separate Human Beings from the rest of the animals on Earth are mainly mental and emotional. The ability to reason, empathize and make decisions that override instinct are some of the important ones.

Accepting a position as an order follower you trade your humanity for a pay cheque. You ignore your reason, personal feelings and morality and simply follow orders. Would a moral Human Being with Free Will act on an order without considering the Morality and consequences behind such?

How many reading this have been given a fine by an officer and pleaded with them to have mercy? The response is typically “sorry, I am just doing my job”. This is evidence that this (former) person has given up their Free Will and Morality. They have lost, or ignore, feelings of empathy and will violate Human Rights on the feeble grounds that it is “their job”.

Heads up officers: Those in the know call you their dogs. They even put dog tags on soldiers… just a coincidence though.

True Morality, True Accountability

In reality these individuals are responsible for their actions. At the end of the day they are held accountable. Just as the Nazi police and military did not have the rights they claimed, police and governments today do not have the rights they claim.

A person can not delegate a Right that they themselves do not possess. I do not have the right to imprison, assault and coerce other Humans. How then could I delegate this right to government or police? I do not have the right to free access of your home. Could I tell my friend that he has free access to your residence? How about a group of my friends?

How is it possible that we the citizens have delegated rights to government, police and military that we did not possess to begin with? If I do not have an apple, how could I give someone else an apple? Just as this apple gifting would be impossible, so to is the transfer of non-existent rights.

To Serve & Protect Truth

These cults are in place for the sole purpose of violently forcing the general population into submitting to unjust legislation. And yes, I did say the police and military are not even Human Beings.

These individuals used to be Human. They can become human again, simply by embracing their Humanity and acknowledging Morality and Natural Law. Of course this means quitting their violent gang and embracing Right Livelihood. It is possible to earn a living without violating the Rights of others.

This is a call out to police and military reading this article. Quit your gang-cult. Are you really here to protect the public? If We the People marched on parliament and the police and military were brought in, which way would your guns be pointed? It is the responsibility of the people, including police and military, to hold governments accountable. Especially if you vote, pay taxes and condone the system.

Stop Lying, Stop Being A Coward

Any who claim the police and military are necessary are cowards. I have asked many. No one has yet to tell me of a story where something bad was about to happen to them and the police arrived to save the day.

The police arrive after the fact. They then “charge” someone in the incident to monetize the violation of the victim and benefit the state.

Whether you believe it or not, your safety is in your own hands. Always was, always will be. Empower yourself by recognizing these facts. Help to increase Freedom by spreading this knowledge.

We will be Free. Those who are on the wrong side of history will be held accountable.

Take the time to educate yourself and stand for Truth & Freedom. For more resources check out the Video Show, Information and Video Links pages.

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