During the past several weeks I have been engaged in a very deep self-analysis and Tarot study, taking the time to call myself out on my bullshit and reactivate my true Will in accordance with Natural Law.

This shadow work has brought to my attention, not only where I myself am lacking, but also where we are falling short as a community centred around “freedom” and “truth”. I hate to say it, but I’ve said it before… we’re missing the mark by a long shot. Throughout this process I have undergone, many epiphanies have surfaced and become apparent.

I think we can all agree that any movement that has any clout is quickly polluted with propaganda – if not totally hijacked. Of course this has happened with the truth and freedom movement as much as any other. An aspect of this that is rarely mentioned in a proper light is money. How has this been overlooked when it comes to proper investigation and exposure? It all comes down to psychology and weakness.

Of course it is convenient to point your finger outwards and not take accountability when it comes to any aspect that dominates our reality to the extent that currency does. But let’s be real here… Money is simply a tool. Yes, it is a tool that was designed with malicious intent, but does intent instill an inherent nature into the energy force we call dollars?

The answer is no. Case and point: Let’s say I decide to fashion a blade with the specific intent of murdering another human. Could this same blade be used to defend myself, or maybe to simply chop some vegetables? Is this violation now the only purpose this blade could ever actualize, or is this dependant on the user? The answer is obvious.

Being raised within the Christian religion, much emphasis is placed on the evil nature of money and and the idea that riches are not something to strive towards. On the flip side, let’s look at the perspective of money from the freedom community. Most, including myself, maintain the perspective that money is produced by the controlling forces of our reality field to imprison and enslave us. But is this the inherent nature of this tool? Does a tool have an inherent nature? The answer is no and no.

So where does that leave us? Why are we maintaining an unhealthy perspective when it comes to something so influential? Could this have been done intentionally? Is wealth something to be avoided because it is immoral? Does being rich equate to being ruthless, selfish and sociopathic? Again, the answer to all of these is no.

I think after answering these questions it becomes blatantly apparent that we have been misled when it comes to money, and freedom in general. It also becomes obvious that the ability to properly utilize this tool could be a game changer for the human race. In this shared reality, where the majority of humanity agrees upon the use of currency, it is our responsibility to master this force and use it in accordance with Natural Law.

Let me stop you right there. I can already hear all the victim based comments related to this fact… “the system is designed to keep the poor poor”, “the cost of living is too high to get ahead”, “occupations that are moral are not lucrative”… Blah, blah, blah. As long as we keep pointing the finger outwards into the realm of effects, we remain distracted from the Truth… The realm of cause; The universe is a mental creation.

In It to Win It

money battle

Let’s step our game up. When you’re in a battle and the enemy is using firepower, you may need to pick up a gun. When the war is centred around finance, we may have to put our big boy / big girl pants on and learn how to play this game.

I want you to picture someone you feel has made great strides within the freedom movement in your mind. Someone you really respect for all that they have achieved when it comes to the good of humanity. Now, I want you to imagine what they could have done with a couple billion dollars backing them. If you are incapable of imagining this your battle is already lost. The magnitude of these facts can not be over looked. We must, let me emphasize: must, Must, MUST get our fucking shit together here.

I’m stepping my game up as we speak. I recognize the power that $1,000,000 holds in comparison to the post I have just written. I also understand the power this same post could have with a million dollars backing it. Money makes the world go round… Now, will it spin our way or their way?

Even if attaining large amounts of wealth is not your cup of tea, understanding mental programming and being able to correct it upon command is essential to survive and thrive. I highly recommend ‘Secrets of a Millionaire Mind’, by T. Harv Eker. Here comes your negative association with money thinking “this is just another affiliate link and someone trying to make money off me…” Well, you’re wrong. This not an affiliate link, nor do I get compensated in any way for providing you this information. Although, with the right mindset, you would would probably hope I was.

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