Living Free in a culture of slavery is blatant and bold. It takes Courage and Will. While others strive for material wealth and fiat currencies, we seek decentralized solutions. We choose Liberty and Freedom of mind, body and soul.

We invoke our Warrior Power and express our influence upon reality. Those who are bound to their system of slavery look at us with contempt – As if depending on others to provide for your every need is somehow a more acceptable, secure way to exist. In reality they are just looking for the easiest way to coast to their graves.

Fear of Freedom

Those of us who have done the shadow work recognize that this contempt is really fear. Fear of anything that could expose their statist philosophy for the fraud that it is. As Truth inherently opposes lies, so too does Freedom inherently oppose all forms of slavery.

By choosing to be Free our existence is blatantly defiant to all forms of slavery. And the slaves can’t stand it. There’s nothing that scares a coward more than courage and nothing that scares a willing slave more than Freedom.

Invoking The Trinity

In our work, let us never forget the importance of balancing, maintaining and training the mind, body and spirit. All have equal importance in achieving our mission here at mid-guard. None should be forsaken for the other.

Through recognition and coordination of all of the aspects of our consciousness we invoke our true power, giving us the ability to effect lasting positive change within our reality field.

The Great Work

But that’s really what it’s all about. How the fuck can you expect to change the world around you if you can’t even change and control yourself. Do we even deserve Freedom? Could we even handle it?

I know I can. I know I can because I do. If I can live Free in spite of the oppression of an ever pervasive totalitarian kakistocracy, imagine what I could do with abundance and True Freedom.

Living Free Is A Community Effort

Freedom will never express itself seeded in fear and ignorance. Most people are too afraid to even consider the fact that they are not Free. The average human does not understand the dictionary definition of the word Freedom, never mind being able to recognize the state of existence some have called “living Free”.

We need more. More courage and less fear. More intelligence and less intellect. We need more abundance and less scarcity. More thought and less government. The thing is; I can’t do it for you. I can only do it for myself. But, if I do it for myself and you do it for yourself, then all will eventually be free. For everyone to be Free, everyone needs to participate.

Be sure to check out my Video Show Page for some presentations discussing ways we can increase Freedom for humanity. I would also like to recommend Mark Passio’s work, as I can think of no other who has done a more thorough job dissecting this topic.

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