“Yeah, but what can you do about it?” seems to be the common response from most people when discussing the chaos we face as a species on Planet Earth. I often wonder if these slaves have ever even contemplated Freedom. The reply that startles most of these cowards into not wanting to discuss this matter with me any further is: “FUCKING LOTS!”

Assuming you the reader are willing to invoke your True Will and Courage to act upon the knowledge presented here, you may have what it takes to exist in a state of Freedom.

The following is a list of ways to increase Freedom and decrease slavery. By taking action based on these principles you not only improve your own environment but the World around you as well.

The rich ruleth the poor, and the borrower is servant to the man that lendeth.

Proverbs 22:7, 1599 GENEVA BIBLE

Get rid of debt and as many payments as you can.

It’s a fact – The higher your monthly expenses are, the less free you are. How many average people can afford to maintain their monthly expenses while, say, travelling the world? If your expenses are 5K per month back in Canada you can hardly expect to pay your bills working for cash in Thailand.

If you have a new car on payments, you will need to make these payments and maintain insurance coverage or lose your ride. Owning your own vehicle, you can throw it on jack stand, cancel your insurance and take off for a year. Obligation is slavery.

All this aside, why are we still supporting the slavery system we call “banking”?

Stop Trading Your Life For Money

Most people have never ran a business and unfortunately the “education” system does not deem financial management to be necessary knowledge. The working-class individual spends most of their waking hours earning money and the rest of their lives spending it. Their life is a business, however they have no business management skills.

What you earn is not what you keep. Be sure to take into account job expenses such as safety gear or clothing. Deduction of transportation and other expenses should also be taken into account. You may work 9-5 but how much time do you spend getting ready for and travelling to work? It’s most likely your 8 hour day eats up 10-12 hours of your time.

This time may be worth nothing to everyone else, including your employer. How much is this time worth to you? Upon reflection you will find you are working for much less than you thought.

I know a Mother who got a part-time job to help her family financially. After all of the expenses were calculated her “income” source was providing her family with 200-300 dollars extra per month… for 60-80 hours of time. Five bucks an hour is not going to help you much in Canada. She now works 16 hours per month and brings in an extra 200-400. But how?

Be your own boss.

The Mother traded her job at a pub for cleaning large homes in her area for cash. I used to DJ for a large entertainment company that payed flat rate. The income would work out to about 15-20 bucks an hour. Working for myself, I make as much as I did doing 4 or 5 gigs for said company in 1 gig.

Of course to make this happen you have to put your big boy and big girl pants on and find your own clients. you will also need to acquire and maintain equipment. With Freedom comes responsibility.

Get your expenses under control.

Everybody’s situation is different, you will have to analyze your expenses and decide what to cut. When I first did this I was able to reduce my expenses by 7% with no change to my standard of living at all. From there I actually reduced my expenses by 60-70%.

Expensive data plans, bull-shit cable bills and things you never use should be the first to go. You’ve already freed up tons of time by taking responsibility for your own income. Now it’s time to reduce the amount you need to earn.

Where to go from here? You can choose to work less or enjoy the extra duckets. The whole point is to put yourself in control and stop being a victim of a balance sheet you don’t even monitor.

The list is endless.

I can attest to the positive impact all of these will have on your life because I have applied them in my own. In lesser detail, here are many more ways I have increased my Freedom.

  • Home-school your children
  • Eat healthy, non-processed foods
  • Start producing at least 1 thing
  • Free yourself from social media
  • Stop using “smart” devices
  • Eliminate financial support of immoral institutions
  • Increase your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Educate yourself on new subjects
  • Acquire new skills
  • Participate in decentralized and community economies
  • Boycott products that lock you in to perpetual expenses

Much of this will rely on your ability to recognize your True Desire and drop your care of what those who don’t matter will think of you. In our sick society being Free and Healthy requires the Will of the Warrior. Do you have this Will? Are you ready to get Free?

Be sure to check out my Video Show page. Episode 7 of Cognitive Concurrence will be focused on expanding this topic. Let’s get and stay Free everyone!

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