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Cognitive Conversations

Cognitive Conversations #1 – Jay Anarchon & Christian, from Seek First Within, Discuss The Occult

The first of many Cognitive Conversations to come. This conversation was not intended to be posted. As such, it has been edited and only contains part of the conversation. In this conversation Christian and I discuss a wide range of topics including; Magick, spiritual fitness, mental health, invocation, entheogens, DMT, cannabis, health, meditation, visionary magick and even vegan cheese substitutes. Join us for this behind the scenes casual conversation.

Cognitive Conversations #2 |Stefan Verstappen & Jay Anarchon – Warrior Spirit & Community

In this conversation Canadians Stefan Verstappen & Jay Anarchon cover an amazing spectrum of topics and solutions to the problems we face as society. Topics include; Vision 2030, oil, attachment, cyclical history, civil collapse, masculinity, warrior spirit, community, responsibility, self-defence, controlling emotions and more. Check Stefan and all his work out at

Cognitive Conversations #3 | Christian & Jay on Conquering Addiction & Healing

In this conversation Christian from Seek First Within and Jay Anarchon discuss the truth behind addiction and what is required to take your power back. Topics include trauma, environment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, substance abuse, self-abuse and most importantly: HEALING AND TAKING YOUR POWER BACK! I realized I neglected to mention some addition natural medicines in the video. Check this post out for some additional info.

Cognitive Conversations #4 | Plant-Based Lifestyle with Jon Matte & Jay Anarchon

In this laid-back conversation Jon and myself discuss how making the switch to a healthy diet helps you regain your personal power and self-control. Discussion topics include: vegan / plant-based diet, health, self-respect, nutrition, cooking and plant-based hacks, gluten-free diet, energy, consciousness and self-love. Health and nutrition are key in improving your mental and emotional state. It is an unfortunate state of self-loathing that allows the individual to disregard his/her own physical health. On a path of intellectual and spiritual development our body is sometimes given a backseat to other forms of growth. We can never achieve a full awakening in an unhealthy state.

Cognitive Conversations #5 | Micheal Tsarion & Jay Discuss Genetic & Psychological Trauma & Healing

Join us as Micheal and I discuss the traumas that we face as the Human Race and look at ways we can begin to recognize and heal these traumas. By merging history with psychology a clear picture of our current state emerges – and it ain’t pretty. As with any other problem, recognition and understanding is the first step in discovering a solution. It’s time to break the cycles we’ve repeated so many times in the past and move forward towards healing and development. Topics to include: psychology, brain imbalance, consciousness, philosophy, genetic and psychological trauma, connection to nature, the nature of consciousness, the concept of “I”, id, ego and super ego, master/slave relationship with self, entheogens, magick and most importantly; healing yourself through self-discovery, analysis and re-balancing.

Cognitive Conversations #6 The Wizard Factory & Jay | The Centre Path – Achieving Balance & Healing

Bryan Easterday & Logan Hart from The Wizard Factory join me for this amazing conversation in which we focus on polarity, dialectics, imbalance, perception, and healing through recognition, acknowledgement, ritual, entheogens and other means. Check these guys out at: The Wizard Factory

Cognitive Conversations #7 Steve Harmer the Motivational Magician & Jay | Adult Career Changes & Child Education

In this conversation I talk to Steve about making mid-life career changes and taking on the responsibility of your own survival. We also discuss the importance of teaching morality to children and get his opinion on if the schools he has been to are effectively instilling these values. I touch a bit on the psychological aspect of the desire for structure from the abandoned child and we discuss how the current attitude of “no child left behind” holds every child back. It’s interesting to get an insiders perspective on the education system. Steve is actively promoting amazing material to these children, regardless of any difference of opinions we may have. Many topics pertinent to this subject were not discussed and will be followed up on in an episode of Cognitive Concurrence.

Be sure to check out the Cognitive Concurrence video show as well as my Video Links page for references to work from others I greatly respect.

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