In a recent Cognitive Conversation featuring Christian from Seek First Within titled; Conquering Addiction and Healing, We discuss the importance and difficulty of conquering addiction and healing mental and emotional traumas you may be dealing with. This article is an add-on to this conversation and I highly recommend you check the video out.

In the video discussion we get up close and personal, revealing things publicly that we have not shared with others in the past. It is our intention to assist any who may be battling addiction and substance abuse by proving that it is possible to overcome addiction to pharmaceuticals as well as hard “street drugs”. We also discuss how to do it and how you will come out more powerful on the other side.

Natural Medicines For Healing

In the conversation between Christian and I, we both discussed how Cannabis was amazing in assisting us with regaining our power from substances that were dominating our lives. We also discussed how it assisted in recovery and a couple other medicinal uses.

I realized after completing the interview that I neglected to mention a few other very powerful natural medicines that may assist with healing and getting off of other undesirable drugs. I will start with the two I have experience with and finish with another I have only read and heard about.

Sapo / Kambo

Many people have heard about this controversial medicine… yes, this is the on that is collected by scraping the mucus off of the Phyllomedusa bicolor, or giant leaf frog. The controversy obviously stems from a concern for the well being of the frogs involved. I agree that this is an issue. As a consumer the onus is on you to do your research and acquire your Sapo from an ethical source.

Sapo is very powerful. Don’t get it twisted – this is not a party drug. Effects are different for everybody and range from warmth to profuse sweating, tightening of the guts to vomiting, purging of the bowels, extreme heightened awareness, numbness, tingling… According to Shaman, the medicine gives you exactly what you need and is capable of healing almost anything.

I have not used Sapo to aid with fighting addiction but have heard that it is very effective. I have had the honour of hosting a Sapo ceremony and have experienced the power of the Frog Spirit for myself. After the initial intensity, my body purged through sweating and my throat started tingling and felt charged. I felt cleansed and amazing afterwards. The effects are about 30 – 60 minutes.

Psilocybin (Mushrooms)

This plant spirit was a very effective emotional healer for me during times of extreme self-loathing and helped me to gain control over my anger issues and hatred for society. It is very likely I would not have made the progress I have made without psilocybin.

Remember, intent is everything. Doing 2 grams and going to the bar to drink with your friends isn’t a good way to experience the power of this mushroom. Taking the same 2 grams with the intent of healing yourself and doing this alone or with others on the same path can change your life. Effects are 6 – 12 hours.

Mushrooms were a party drug for me for many years. After 1 life altering experience that all changed. It is now impossible for me to take any amount of mushrooms without experiencing some sort of benefit. The reverence I feel for this fruit is deep and sincere.


I have zero experience with Iboga whatsoever. I have heard in several lectures that Iboga is very effective for treating addiction and emotional trauma.

In closing, I am not recommending these powerful medicines to anyone. I am simply providing food for thought. Do your own research, consider your own circumstances, search your soul and do what is right for you. In an intelligent design, could any of these healers be here by accident?

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