Welcome to CognitiveConcurrence.com. A platform dedicated to Truth, Understanding, Morality, Natural Law & Right Action!

Together we will focus on solutions to the problems we face as humanity, with the guts to look into the dark abyss and confront the demons that guard the entrance to the path of Knowledge & Freedom.

This website is for warriors.

Are you still pointing your finger towards others as the source of yours and the world’s problems? This site is not for you. Are you intent on staying divided, fighting with your Brothers & Sisters? This site is not for you. If you can’t take responsibility for and control yourself, this site is definitely not for you.

If you have the courage to look in the mirror and be accountable to yourself for your portion of our shared reality, you may have what it takes to go to the next level.

Freedom is only for the strong.

The meek may inherit the Earth – The Warriors will form it.

At CognitiveConcurrence.com I don’t claim to have all the solutions – or even to know all of the problems. However, I have been able to recognize my part in the chess game and step up off the board: From a Pawn to a Player.

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For an in-depth look into occultism, Natural Law & Morality, be sure to check out Mark Passio’s work at whatonearthishappening.com.

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