Being a reliable person tends to equate to being someone that others can count on in most people’s minds. But can you rely on yourself? Are you accountable and able to meet your challenges head-on, achieving your goals and making progress every day?

Being Reliable
How could you help another without first stabilizing yourself?

Fact is, most people have an extremely difficult time implementing even the smallest of lifestyle changes. I’ve had the battles with diet changes, managing money and proper use of time… Who hasn’t? But is it possible for someone who can not rely on themselves to be reliable to others?

You Give What You Have

As is evidenced in the physical realm; you can not give something that you do not have. A person full of hate is incapable of showing love. Someone who can not read would not be able to teach another to do the same. How then could we assume that a person who is not reliable and accountable to themselves could ever prove to be dependable at a community level in tough situations?

Developing these self-accountability skills requires effort on our part. The immature, entitled assumption that we can delegate our responsibilities to others must be obliterated. In it’s place we must establish understanding of the Truth that delegating your responsibility does not make you any less accountable.

Reliable & Free

If we do not have the personal substance to stick to our path, we are left dissolving in the wind. Subject to all that happens around us, outside influences quickly erode our weak resolution. If we lack the fortitude to stick with our guns on things as simple as nutrition and attention, how can we expect to achieve total recognition of and alignment with Natural Law?

Would a Free Human have their actions determined by the thoughts and actions of others? The answer is no. In fact, that is the exact opposite of Freedom. Recognizing this, we must come to terms with the fact that most people are servants and slaves to everything and everyone around them except Truth, Morality, Natural Law and their True Path.

Be Accountable, Be Reliable – Be Free

If we can develop the skills and ability to be accountable and reliable to ourselves, we can in turn offer true reliability to those around us. If we take responsibility, we can recognize that those who have operated in our stead are not only unnecessary, they are actually counter-productive and anti-Freedom.

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