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We are making a call out to all FREE HUMANS. Please join us in making a difference TODAY! Being an Activist requires ACTION. Check out my article on this topic here. There is a reason darkness is prevailing: They are united in cause, thought, feeling and action. “We the Free” are none of the above. Let’s change this. Please join us in these three very powerful, easily achievable forms of Energetic Activism!

Method 1 – Mastermind Group


In my studies of success during my business career I came across the Mastermind Principle many times. This was made popular by Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich. The basic idea is that multiple people with the same goal in mind focus their mental energy in unison towards said goal. Pretty simple… and it fucking works. I can not emphasize this enough. Hit me up below if you are unfamiliar and would like some material on this.

Please become an integral part of our Mastermind Group of Freedom, Truth & Love. Join us in focusing 5 minutes every day on thinking about a World where we all exist in Freedom and Abundance! There is no need to be delusional, simply use your imagination. Accept that all your needs and the needs of others are met and we all exist in accordance with Natural Law. Just daydream and have fun with it! Always thinking in the present-hence (I am Free, everyone is Free, we all exist in abundance, etc.) never in future-hence (I will be Free, everyone will be Free, we will exist in abundance, etc.).

Every single person on the Earth can be a part of this. You can do this at any location, any time of day. It’s so simple it sounds like bullshit… If you knew how many millions of dollars were made based on this principle alone, you would most likely loose your bottom jaw permanently. This is seriously effective and based in a deep, deep understanding of how the occult principles of energy, Natural Law and reality function.


Method 2 – Freedom on the Ninth!


Full credit for this idea goes to Max Igan. For many years has been proposing we get organized and take 1 day per month back from this system of slavery and exploitation. We’re done talking. The satanists have attempted to mark us as beasts with a 666. They can take that 9 and shove it! Join us in boycotting the whole system on the 9th day of every single month!

This one is a little tougher – you may have to blow some smoke at your boss and claim some religious holiday or something… Do what you gotta do! Go 12 days per year without spending or making any money. No working, no banking, no shopping online or in-store. Not. A. Fucking. Dime. Feel free to lend a hand to your neighbour still.

The few who have joined us thus far can hear the crickets chirping. This one takes the courage of the Warrior. But hey, that’s what Cognitive Concurrence is all about. The challenge has been issued. Step up and make a difference. Stand for Freedom!


Method 3 – Boycott Immoral Practices

Money is our life-energy made physically tangible. Choosing to spend our money on something is literally investing our life-energy into the product, corporation, organization or cause we have chosen. In essence, financially contributing to anything is equivalent to participating in it yourself.

How many of us do not agree with the practices of certain organizations or corporations yet continue to tacitly or consciously support them? At the end of the day, they are selling the products that we are buying. Stop financially backing corruption, lies and slavery.

Take any means necessary to avoid having your wealth and value stolen via coercion and violence. And of course, anywhere you have the freedom of choice, choose not to support any practices you would not enact yourself. It is not dishonest to protect your wealth from those who would take it with or without your consent, it is Self-Defence.

What we fuel and fund will continue to grow and flourish.


Of course it is not necessary to contact me to participate in any of these methods of activism, but feel free to get in touch even if it’s just to say “What’s up”! If you would like to be added to the network, please specify. I will be sure to keep you posted on further developments.

Be sure to check out the Video Show page for episodes of Cognitive Concurrence, the Cognitive Conversations page for guest perspectives and my Video Links page for links to videos from some researchers promoting Truth and Freedom for Humanity.

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