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Welcome to Cognitive A platform dedicated to Truth, Understanding, Morality, Natural Law & Right Action! Utilizing the Trivium Methodology we will work together to build a foundation of Knowledge based in Truth. Allowing us to effect lasting positive change in our reality – FREEDOM.

Important Analysis of Christchurch

Be sure to take a look at this in-depth expose everyone. Coincidentally my latest episode of Cognitive Concurrence (below) goes through utilizing the Trivium methodology to process information. It’s important to look at this with an open heart and mind. Thanks goes to Max Igan for putting in the tireless effort on this. This video is still available to download and analyze for yourself. More importantly, we need to keep this evidence around. You can find it on several torrent sites as well as where Max recommends.

Latest Episode Of Cognitive Concurrence

Cognitive Concurrence Episode 8 – The Practical Application of the Trivium:

In this episode we take a look at how to gather, process and apply information, utilizing the Trivium methodology. It doesn’t stop at rhetoric, although you can get a degree in this. The final stage of the Trivium is all forms of ACTION. Research the Trivium.

Latest Cognitive Conversation

Cognitive Conversations #5 | Micheal Tsarion & Jay Discuss Genetic & Psychological Trauma & Healing:

Join us as Micheal and I discuss the traumas that we face as the Human Race and look at ways we can begin to recognize and heal these traumas. By merging history with psychology a clear picture of our current state emerges – and it ain’t pretty. As with any other problem, recognition and understanding is the first step in discovering a solution. It’s time to break the cycles we’ve repeated so many times in the past and move forward towards healing and development. Topics to include: psychology, brain imbalance, consciousness, philosophy, genetic and psychological trauma, connection to nature, the nature of consciousness, the concept of “I”, id, ego and super ego, master/slave relationship with self, entheogens, magick and most importantly; healing yourself through self-discovery, analysis and re-balancing.

Jay Anarchon – 7 Steps to Becoming a Self Starter:

In this video Jay runs through seven steps to becoming a self-starter, giving you the tools you need to achieve Freedom! Check out Episode 7 of Cognitive Concurrence as these two go hand in hand!

Jay Anarchon – Morning Ritual – The Importance Of Taking Time For Yourself

For many people their own health and well-being is last on the list of priorities. This can only lead to an unhealthy state. In this short video I give some great suggestions on ways to improve your health holistically. Give it a shot for 30 days… the results are undeniable!


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  • Cognitive Conversations has been added to the website. Be sure check this page out for featured conversations with individuals I respect greatly.
  • Cognitive Concurrence video show has launched! I will be working to improve formats and presentation styles over time. As far as getting the information out, there is no time like the present.
  • I will be hosting interviews in my Cognitive Conversations segment. If you have any research / work related to Morality, Natural Law, Truth, Freedom, Health or the Occult in general, feel free to contact me.

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